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Corporate Day-of-Service Projects are phenomenal opportunities to connect large groups of employees directly with youth and families and have a positive impact on the communities they serve. 


Successories Drive - organize a team to collect accessories (belts, ties, scarves, jewelry, handbags). We'll come to you and wrap all the collected items to donate to teens so they have a bit more confidence as they head out to job interviews and professional events. 


Sponsor a Film Screening - donated tickets are provided to local transitional shelters and group homes. Gather a group of volunteers and head out to the movies to meet and greet children and families as they enjoy a day at the movies for free ... and see Beyond Expectations completed film and tv projects on the big screen!


If you’re interested in working directly with youth in one of our Teen Media Programs, proceed to our screening process now to get started.

  • Look for "Place Order" dialog box (top right)

  • Enter package code ”BE71”

  • Review and Continue

  • Follow prompts to complete information

Your confirmation email will contain a password to access your results and/or view any missing information. Results are typically received within 3-5 business days.

For additional information, call us at 866-321-6777.

If you would like to host a day of service project with your company or organization, please email Ms. Anglin directly at




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