Our Young Entrepreneurs Academy helps uncover and expand exposure to unique business and career opportunities.







We host Financial Reality Fairs in partnership with the New Jersey Credit Union League

Our Young Entrepreneurs & Careers Academy focuses on Media, Arts & STEM education helping youth to get their creative business ideas off the ground. This year we launched Tech Tuesdays to introduce Drone Technology and educate them early about related future opportunities. 

Our awesome lineup of facilitators represent a wide spectrum of business pursuits from artists, authors, military personnel, producers, engineers, and dronpreneurs. Most importantly, it provides opportunities for students to forge professional relationships with caring supportive adults.

We’re in the midst of securing facilitators and partners for our 2019 Academy. If you’re interested, please contact Ms. Leontyne Anglin at leontyne@beyondexp.net to learn more!

Our programs are open to all youth who come to us from all across the state, including those in the foster care system. We have been a model of social emotional learning by achieving tangible goals, delivering quality products, and finding alternative ways to uncover the hidden talents of vulnerable youth.

For those who are facing the reality of aging out of the foster care system, we have provided a safe, positive environment to learn marketable skills and establish relationships within a non-treatment setting.

Studies indicate that young people who have aged out of foster care without a permanent family face a number of educational and employment challenges:

  1. 40-63% did not complete high school

  2. 25-55% are unemployed; those employed had average earnings below the poverty level

  3. only 38% of those employed were still working after one year

source: childrensrights.org

Video resumes help students stand out in a competitive marketplace

Financial Reality Fairs with the New Jersey Credit Union League help with budgeting




Students are fortunate to learn directly from internationally renowned and local professional artists who take time to share their expertise.

Sculptor & Painter Autin Wright

Sculptor & Artist Clifford Ward

Fine Artist April Zay

Student Exhibit at Grounds for Sculpture