Behind the Scenes — Sculpture Workshop


August 18 - Beyond Expectations has continued to partner with internationally recognized Sculptors from the 42-acre Grounds for Sculpture park and museum. We're leveraging art as a tool to bridge the gap between the artists and amazingly talented youth across Mercer and Burlington counties. 


Our final Summer Sculpt Workshop & Exhibit entitled "Vessels" was led by renowned Sculptor Clifford Ward


Special thanks to the entire awesome team at Artworks Visual Art Center. 


More artists have expressed interest in sharing their expertise in the future. Looking forward to more collaborative opportunities in 2019.


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Session 2 is in the books. Students resumed prep on their team collections and made decisions for fabric and finishing that they will complete in the subsequent classes. 


Next week will also include a visit from Digital Media Artist Neil Anthony who will provide hands-on instruction on professional techniques to capture their collections in preparation for showcase at their public exhibit. 


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Session 3 is a wrap. Teams entered into the next phase of work on their respective collections with final coats of paint and embellishments. 

Guest facilitator Neil Anthony, owner of 21st Century Photography, closed out the session with hands-on digital media instruction on techniques and lighting considerations to best showcase their displays in preparation for potential sale and upcoming final exhibit.


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Final Session 4: Students put on the finishing touches.  Each team worked diligently to paint, embellish, and refine each of the pieces in their collections.


We wrapped with an exercise discussing the budget considerations for calculating and pricing their work including cost of supplies and time allocated to the overall project. Then, a review of plans for the upcoming exhibition.

Students will have an awesome opportunity to showcase their work during an exclusive exhibit at the magnificent Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey. 


>> For more information about the exhibit contact us at 866-321-6777 or




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Schools & Community Collaborative


March 28 -- Beyond Expectations had an opportunity to participate in the Gregory School Stakeholder Meeting hosted by the principal Michael Rosenberg. Local businesses and community organizations were represented around the table as well as attendees from the Mayor's and Superintendent's office. 

The meeting was followed by Listening Tour conducted by Superintendent Dr. Frederick McDowell, Jr. 

Ideal venue to connect and share ideas on how we can show collaborative support for our students, parents, teachers, and schools. 

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